• Social Capital Foundation
Social Capital Foundation


The Social Capital Stichting (Foundation) objectives are as follows:

  • to reduce global poverty and inequality in a sustainable manner through the creation of opportunities and to encourage self-reliance for individuals and communities in the broadest sense of the word.
  • to cooperate with and support other social organizations that pursue the same objectives.

The Foundation attempts to achieve its objectives by:

  • Supporting partner organizations through a combination of mentoring, grants, investments and active participation.
  • Providing multiyear grants for organizations which are capable of driving long term, systematic changes however do not lend themselves to earned income models.
  • Keeping in close contact with partner organizations to understand their challenges, successes and methodology to determine where the Foundation’s resources both financial and non-financial could be most useful.
  • Identifying interesting social businesses to which the Foundation could form a partnership which are capable of generating positive social and financial returns.
  • Investing in impact funds with a proven history of field level success in the areas in which the Foundation strives to make a difference.
  • Expanding resources and learnings through participating in global philanthropic and impact networks and amplifying their best practices.


The Social Capital Stichting (Foundation) works through established partners which have been carefully vetted for maximum effectiveness, efficiency and integrity. These groups are deeply embedded in the communities they serve.

The team

Laura DeVere
Director, Board Member

Laura is the founder and director of the Social Capital Stichting (Foundation). Prior to moving to Europe Laura served as a board member, guarantor and member of the loan committee at Microcredit Enterprises, a global microfinance company for three years.

During that time Laura was also a partner in SV2, a philanthropic grant making group which provides grants and consulting services to NGOs for capacity building and expansion in the areas of education, environment and international development. She led partner grant rounds in the areas of education and international development and served as a board advisor.

In her business career she was the general manager USA for Bibit Global Payment systems and a managing director for one of the specialists on the NYSE. Her education and experience have been in finance/economics and business development.


Tswi Rodrigues Pereira
Board Member

Tswi Rodrigues Pereira was the first partner at Pereira; an excellent tax-consultancy office that advises clients with tax- and notarial related issues with tailor-made solutions. These clients mainly consist of entrepreneurs with successful family businesses, national and international.

After his study of tax law, Tswi was a tax inspector with the tax authorities. In 1988 he started working at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he became a partner in 1993. In 1997 he became member of the tax board of this big 4 corporation. He specialized in tax planning of larger corporations and stock exchange noted funds, mergers, buy-outs, acquisitions, due diligences and family businesses.

Main qualities of Tswi are his ability to put things in perspective, his analytical skills and the ability to look at problems from different perspectives.  His sense of humor and his associative ability form an integrated whole. These qualities have contributed to Pereira’s strength; creative thinking in custom made solutions, pragmatic and specific advisory and making the complex simple. Pereira believes in development through knowledge.

Tswi mainly operates as trusted advisor, he is a sound board for his relations and colleagues. Also, Tswi is a board member of several charity funds, mainly focusing on education. In his spare time he studies philosophy.


Chris van Leeuwen
Board Member

Chris studied law in Leiden, after which he served one year in the Dutch army, and after that joined Arthur Andersen (Amsterdam) as a tax lawyer.

During a period of 10 years, he has been active in tax consultancy for merger and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and real-estate transactions with Arthur Andersen.

He joined Wagram in 2000, bringing his tax and legal expertise. This has become instrumental in the successful structuring of Wagram activities. Meanwhile, Chris developed into a senior investment manager, responsible for the successful execution of several transactions.


All board members serve on a pro bono basis, the staff compensation is in line with industry standards and fully disclosed in the financial statements.

María Jesús Pérez
Executive Director

María Jesus is the Executive Director of Social Capital Foundation. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of international development cooperation. She has lived in the UK, Central America and the Middle East and has managed international projects and teams in several countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. She served as Deputy Director of CODESPA Foundation, international NGO specialised in sustainable poverty eradication strategies, leading innovative strategies to increase the impact of economic development projects, and creating systems and actions to generate and share specialised knowledge. She led multiparty partnerships with business, academy and international organisations. She has a specialised background in microfinance, inclusive business and private sector engagement in development. She is author of several papers and research on these topics.

Her education is in Business and Economics and holds a MSc Degree in Development and Project Planning (UK) with complementary studies at IESE Business School (Spain), INSEAD (France) and Harvard Kennedy School (Boston). She is passionate about fighting poverty in a sustainable manner, putting people at the centre of any action.