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Market Led Agriculture for Rural Communities



Guatemala, Central America

Area of expertise:

Community Entrepreneurship, Rural Development, Agriculture



ASOCUCH is a network of local organisations which involves and empowers rural women, men, producers and young people; advancing to a territorial management model from rural entrepreneurship and good practices with the environment in rural Guatemala. ASOCUCH is a second-level association that was formally born in the year 2000 and that associates 20 Community Based Organisations (CBOs), between associations and cooperatives and 70 groups of women with an entrepreneurial vision, with a coverage of 10,908 members. ASOCUCH provides the CBOs with tools –administrative, financial, technical, political and human, to advise them in their organisational, productive and economic processes for the generation of local capacities that promote better living conditions.

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This project seeks to improve the living conditions of 500 indigenous families living in poverty in the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, members of 3 rural organizations with incipient and subsistence productions, associated with ASOCUCH. This will be achieved by improving the agricultural production systems of potatoes, broccoli, honey, sheep and birds, to increase their productivity with the implementation of best agricultural and beekeeping practices, and strengthening the organisational, administrative, financial and business capacities of the 3 small producer organisations, who will be in charge of providing access to financing and commercialising the production with the support of ASOCUCH. In addition, the project will build the capacities of ASOCUCH with the creation of marketing and market access units that will improve market access for the 20 organisations that comprise it.

SCF provides a capacity-building grant, funding the collaboration with Roots for Sustainability to support the evaluation and development of the business model to ensure sustainable operations. In collaboration with R4S, SCF is providing training, shadow management and impact monitoring. 

SCF Provided a Grant to Fund

1. Administrative and business capacity building of 3 rural producer organisations.  2. Boosting productivity in value chains (potatoes, broccoli, honey, sheep and poultry). Definition of the business model and creation of the ASOCUCH marketing and commercialisation unit

The Goal is to Achieve

1. Producer organisations have operating regulations and policies in place with strengthened credit portfolios and access to seed capital. 2. Increase in productivity and sales while families implement GAP and GMP

Chamber of Commerce Registry number: 53170520
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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