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Expanding income generation opportunities through sustainable tourism operations

Nomad Tanzania



Area of expertise:

sustainable tourism, community development



Nomad Tanzania is leading the journey of sustainable travel and conservation in Tanzania. Their mission is to harness the power of Nomad to create life-enhancing opportunities. This is achieved through actions along the following areas: 

By promoting sustainable tourism practices, providing employment and empowering local people gives us the best opportunity to conserve habitat. 

Increase the resilience and  agency of our staff and communities 

Promote sustainable local  business and products throughout our operations. 

Enhance the conservation of  natural resources and protect bio-diversity in the areas we  operate.

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With SCF´s collaboration Nomad is harnessing business capabilities and commitment with the development of local communities to expand income generation opportunities. Bee harvesting and chicken raising have been promoted with the poorest households allowing generation of sources of income. 

In 2023/2024 SCF will expand this collaboration further, coinvesting with Nomad in the promotion of local talent in conservation and hospitality, promotion of sustainable sources of income and access to health services that are unavailable in the communities.

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