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Capacity building on fundraising



Social Capital Foundation has been in discussion with some of partners regarding the challenges they face. Fundraising was identified as a shared pain point across all the organisations.

The insight gleaned from a group session with key partners is that many of the orgs face communications and fundraising challenges at varying degrees. 

Social Capital Foundation’s aim is to support these organisations to strengthen their communications and fundraising efforts. For such purpose Mighty Ally delivered a custom brand communications training program for six of partner organisations. The goal of the program was for these partners to become better positioned to drive more – and more sustainable – funding through improved communications.

Mighty Ally Institute trains and guides nonprofit organisations to effectively and confidently communicate their work to priority audiences. So that in the short term, they amplify their brand to attract funding and partners. And in the long term, they grow their income and impact!

Training sessions were conducted over a period of 2 months, with 3 hour workshops following a practical learning by doing approach. At the end of the course every organisation presented a pitch deck and received feedback about it. 

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