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Combatting Food Waste & Labour Exclusion Through a Social Business



Spain, Europe

Area of expertise:

Labour inclusion, food waste



Espigoladors fights for better food usage while empowering people at risk of social exclusion in a transformative, participative, inclusive and sustainable way.  Fruits and vegetables discarded from the commercial market for surplus production or diminishing sales are passed to food banks or reprocessed for commercial sales. 

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Espigoladors is in the process of creating a social enterprise. The aim is to achieve financial sustainability to enhance social impact through employment opportunities, expanded operations, and further the reduction in food waste. This project is about preparing Espigoladors to pitch their expansion to investors and to prepare the transition from foundation to enterprise. 

SCF has provided a capacity-building grant to support Espigoladors in the analysis of their business model and operations and prepare their investor deck to ensure that long-term impact can be achieved and to attract the right investor for their needs.

Chamber of Commerce Registry number: 53170520
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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