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EntreTodos. Savings and Entrepreneurship for Indigenous Youth



Guatemala, Central America

Area of expertise:

Youth Entrepreneurship, Rural Development



CODESPA is an international NGO focused on promoting the alleviation of poverty through the creation of opportunities. In Guatemala, the organisation has focused on implementing innovative access to finance and entrepreneurship models for rural youth living in the Dry Corridor. “EntreTodos” is a programme that promotes the creation of community-led savings groups, improving financial education as well as entrepreneurial skills. Collective work creates social fibre and means by which members of a community can support each other in their endeavours and hardships. In this project,The EntreTodos methodology has been adapted to the needs of rural indigenous youth.

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To contribute to the full exercise of the rights and inclusive development of young people from rural areas of the Guatemalan Dry Corridor. The specific objective is to improve access, diversity and stability of income for young people belonging to the rural area and their families, with emphasis on the generation of rural enterprises and to enhance youth’s leading role as change agents in their communities. To achieve both objectives, the project includes two main components:

  1.  Improved savings and investment capacity of young people through the implementation of the EntreTodos methodology – including training in financial literacy, investments and leadership to facilitate community lending and increase the ability to save.
  2. Creation and/or strengthening of rural microenterprises for the promotion of self-employment – including vocational training, entrepreneurial, investment, business management and technical skills to increase the rate of entrepreneurship and income among young people.

SCF has provided a grant and local shadow management to ensure the successful execution of the project. 

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