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Covid 19 - Emergency Response in Rural Areas

Asante Africa


Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, East Africa

Area of expertise:

Youth Entrepreneurship, Education



Asante Africa fosters the development of educated and resilient youth in order to alleviate poverty. Programs emphasise quality learning in the classroom, gender equity, entrepreneurship, work-life skills, and the power of technology. Students develop the cognitive skills, decision-making capacity, and leadership qualities needed to succeed far beyond the classroom.

The pandemic significantly impacted Asante Africa’s programmes and the beneficiaries’ needs. The organisation launched the covid-19 response and mitigation activities in all three East Africa countries. Their objective: to alleviate the economic effects of COVID-19 for the most vulnerable program beneficiaries and their families and to ensure appropriate COVID-19 information and prevention measures to communities. 

SCF provided a grant to fund:

  1.  Family- essential packages to mitigate the economic impact to the most vulnerable beneficiaries
  2. Learning materials for children and their families to facilitate distance learning
  3. Airtime and Broadcasting on  local radio stations for the dissemination of accurate information during the Pandemic
  4. Food transportation and distribution among beneficiary families
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Mitigation of  the Economic Impact of COVID on 600 Beneficiary Households
  • Providing essential supplies  and reusable sanitary pads
  • Providing accurate Covid-19 information through  broadcasting and community outreach in local languages reaching more than 200.000 people
  • Expanding entrepreneurial education in response to the pandemic
Support Continued Learning During the COVID-19 Epidemic
  • Youth alumni leading entrepreneurial activities in response to the pandemic 
  •  Providing learning materials to more than 3000 students 
  • Digital & distance support in collaboration with local agencies and stakeholders
Psycho-Social Support for Children, Parents & Families

Empowering Girls

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Asante Africa expanded its activities to Uganda to grow its East Africa presence and provide additional training and capacity-building opportunities to youth in Kenya and Tanzania. 

This project has created a safe space where girls/youth in the community and in schools are able to learn simple skills about health, advocacy, saving and starting enterprises, hence enabling the elimination of harmful traditional practices within their communities.

This project reaches 300 upper primary girls in five primary schools. This rights-based approach includes forming girls’ clubs in each targeted school, identifying committed teachers to be trained as TOT and girls’ mentors in the identified schools. The girls are empowered in different aspects such as advocacy, Health and Hygiene, Financial Literacy and Life Skills.

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