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Managing Director
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Vocational Training & Skills for Vulnerable Youth

Schooling for Life


Sierra Leone/West Africa

Area of expertise:

Employability skills



Based on research conducted in 2008 on the future prospects of youth in Sierra Leone, the Skills for a Successful Future programme was created: a unique programme that offers a combination of scholarships for vocational education, employability skills training and personal mentoring.

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Covid-19 Emergency Relief

To ensure that the current Schooling for Life alum can finish their training, SCF has provided a short-term emergency grant. 

Capacity Building

This project is aimed at providing capacity-building possibilities to Sierra Leonean Youth, including:

  1. Scholarships
  2. Employability skills training
  3. Personal Guidance and Mentorship
  4. Connection to internship possibilities

To achieve this goal SCF has provided a capacity-building grant.

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